Brando Unauthorized

Brando Unauthorized delves into the career of Marlon Brando. However it digs more deeply into his childhood and his relationship with his son Christian Brando.

Damian Chapa plays the lead as Marlon Brando and his son Ricco Chapa  as Christian Brando. The film takes us on a journey through Christian Brando’s drug addicted past while it gives us insight into what it was like, living in the shadows of the greatest Actor who has ever lived.

Brando’s mother was an abusive alcoholic and his father was a very promiscuous and disturbed man sometimes abusing Brando leaving him emotionally distraught. Brando’s own life reflected a great deal of pain leaving many women behind with anger and hatred towards the iconic movie star. However Brando is sometimes thought of as the best actor who has ever lived. For a detailed view of this great movie please also have look at our sub site

Starring:  Damian Chapa,  Ricco Chapa,  Presley Chapa,  Nataliya Joy Prieto,  Phil Skye,  Natasha Blasick ,  Alison Lees-Taylor,  Sal Poidomani,  Gianfranco Terrin  and  Amor Sanchez.

Director of Photography: Pierre Chemaly
Editor:  Nathaniel Nose
Written by:  James Quinn
Produced by:  Annette Young,  Pete Allman,  Manny Lopez
Executive Producer:  Stanley Tomlinson,   Alex Chionetti,  Parlav Chaudhary,  Angela DéAwn , Jeffrey D. King,  Gloria Kisel,   Linda Misch,  Meri Crouley,  Ross F. Aimer and Judith Connolly
Written, Produced and Directed by:  DAMIAN CHAPA

For more Cast & Credits Info see Brando Unauthorized on  IMDB


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